A great program for amateur and professional boxers, kickboxers, mixed martial artists, and any other sport that involves significant impact to the hands in either training or competition.

Wu Xing Dao Steel Hand Kung Fu is a rare and extremely effective internal hand conditioning system. Very few people know of the training methods, and are reluctant to share the systems secrets.

The training can be completed in only ten weeks, increasing bone density, impact tolerance and strength, greatly reducing the likelihood of injury when striking with palm, fist, forearm or fingers in combat.

Typical hand conditioning in most martial art disciplines can damage the hands, often causing deformity, which in later life can lead to arthritis or other severe health complications. The methods of practice require special liniments to extract bruising, improve blood circulation and help with the hardening process. The methods are crude at best, and can take many years to master. In all cases, the cost for medicine and time spent on training is excessive.

Plenty of martial artists can break tiles, bricks, boards or other hard objects with their hands. Our Steel Hand training however, will enable practitioners to go well beyond the usual limits of these demonstrations.

Steel Hand develops the hands, fingers, wrists and arms to deliver devastating blows without injury. In addition to this, students are taught to deliver blows at a high speed without using muscular force, which gives the impression of the arm throwing the strike being made of flexible rubber.

No special liniments or medicines are required during the training. Steel Hand development occurs at a steady and gradual pace, without injury or calluses forming.