Our conditioning program is a comprehensive twelve week course which is perfect for all full contact sports, including Rugby Union, Rugby League, AFL, American Football, MMA, boxing and kickboxing, as well as all other martial art disciplines. It has already been tried and tested with first grade sporting teams such as the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Penrith Panthers, which primed them for the rigours of their regular season.

The impact from Steel Body can shock and incapacitate an opponent, rendering them unable to defend themself from follow-up strikes. It can also knock them off their feet and disable them in other ways. The methods of teaching encompass offensive and defensive strategy, making it a highly effective system for both full contact sports and self-defence applications.

The best way to describe what coming into contact with an exponent of Steel Body feels like, is by trying to kick a car tyre. The resilient strength and rebound effect you will experience is similar to what you would feel when striking a practitioner trained in this system. The impact from the attacking blow rebounds with multiplied force upon the attacker, sometimes injuring their limb in the process.

The technique of Steel Body cannot be learned from a book or a description. It has to be learned from a teacher who has already mastered the discipline. The video is a good example of the strength obtained from this program but does not reflect the actual methods of training practice.