Lightning System is a comprehensive 6 month program for students that have completed all senior gradings in the Wu Xing Dao curriculum, and who show dedication and commitment to achieving the highest level of Kung Fu skill and mastery.

The final stage of learning in order for a student to be ready to progress to Master Level instruction, Lightning will evolve your abilities to such an extent, that you will be able to make your own unique contributions to the art of Kung Fu. This training program is available only on assessment and approval of Master Marko Vesse, the founder of Wu Xing Dao.

The aim of Lightning system is to develop your physical centre, referred to in Chinese culture as the Lower Dan Tian, the energy centre of the body, and source of all Qi accumulation used in the manifestation of internal power. Once completed, a practitioner of Lightning will truly understand how every movement can be initiated by, and travel through, the Dan Tian, connecting the body and unifying all movement through the core.

Mastering this discipline will enable you to fully open the meridians of the body, allowing Qi to flow to the extremities without restriction, enhancing vitality and longevity, and providing you the ability to generate enormous power in even the smallest of movements. The fluidity of a master of lightning is awe inspiring, at full speed they can move faster than the eye can see.