Wu Xing Dao features accelerated methods of health development, internal power generation and self-defence. It is unlike any system currently available and far more than just a fighting system. In one year it's possible for students to attain skills that many practitioners spend decades to achieve. The reason for such rapid progression with our system is due to the unique nature of the training, in that students are taught from their very first lesson how to develop internal power.

Although internal arts have been around for thousands of years, the simple fact is that with many Chinese martial styles taught today, even though the term ‘internal art’ is often mentioned, particularly when referring to Taiji, Bagua and other popular systems, very few instructors can clearly articulate the differences between ‘internal’ ‘external’ styles, or effectively demonstrate how to generate the energy or power ‘soft styles’ are famous for. This is where our system differs, as students are shown from their very first lesson, specific, easy to understand exercises, that will assist them to develop explosive power that can be heard and felt.

We offer group classes or one to one training, which includes a curriculum that focuses on mind development and body conditioning methods. Our philosophy is that the true source of power, speed and intuitive fighting ability is genetically inherent in every individual, regardless of their age, size or strength. It needs only to be unleashed.

When the secret of the way to release this ability is revealed, a student can continue to grow and develop from within, even in the absence of an instructor.

The video below is a demonstration of our ‘Free Movement’ training, a dynamic expression of speed and power that practitioners of our system learn to develop in as little as one year of training. It will provide some insight and understanding as to what you will learn as a part of our school's curriculum.