Inner Energy Fitness is a unique Group Fitness class that focuses on developing health from the inside out, with a holistic approach to our training which combines modern fitness methods with traditional martial arts techniques.

Our system offers not only the usual benefits of fitness programs which include; reducing body fat, building strength, increasing your muscular definition and improving cardiovascular fitness, but also by teaching you the correct breathing techniques to maximise oxygen circulation, improve your range of motion and flexibility, strengthen tendons and ligaments, increase blood flow, and slow the ageing process.

Many of these methods are taken directly from ancient martial arts styles such as Tai Chi (Taijiquan), which are proven to greatly aid overall health and wellbeing. We specialise in functional fitness, unlike most modern gyms which use machines for both resistance training and cardio workouts we instead prefer to focus on full body exercises using equipment such as Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, TRX Bands and Dumbells, as well as by incorporating a lot of bodyweight movements that engage all of the important core muscle groups in the body, including stabiliser muscles, which help to correct posture imbalances and ensure a full body workout every time you train.

We offer two main class types in our Inner Energy Fitness timetable, our S.P.AR.T.A circuit class and our Strike MMA fitness class. Both offer challenging and varied workouts that are suitable from an inexperienced beginner through to even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast.