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Contact Head Instructor Grant Mundy on 0410249217  to arrange a time to conduct your free trial of either our Wu Xing Dao Martial Arts classes, or our Inner Energy Fitness group training sessions. If you would like to ask any questions, please don't hesitate to send us an email or call anytime, we would be delighted to hear from you.


1 / 4 Brooks Avenue , Wyoming, NSW, 2250

Meet Your Instructor    -    Grant Mundy

Certificate 3 in Gym Instruction

Cerfiticate 4 in Fitness and Personal Training

Gold Sash (Master Instructor) - Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu

Oz Tai Chi Instructor - Level 1 & 2

Oz Tai Chi Instructor - Level 3 & 4

National Police Check

Working with Children Certificate

An avid fitness and martial arts enthusiast, Head Instructor Grant Mundy has been training, competing and teaching in various Martial Arts disciplines for the majority of his life. He started in Hapkido from the age of 7, and over the years has also trained in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling and Ju Jitsu, and participated in sports such as Rugby League,Tennis and Rock Climbing, before discovering Wu Xing Dao in 1999. As a passionate trainer and a dedicated practitioner, Grant has decided to open a new gym on the Central Coast, to pass on his knowledge of fitness and martial arts to a new generation of students eager to begin their own path of self discovery.   


Natasha Pass

I have been doing Wu Xing Dao since November last year and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s such a fun and enjoyable environment, everyone is super nice, and I have learnt so many new skills that I never new about. My health has improved so much since starting, and my reflexes and reaction time have also gotten better. The training we do is realistic and also very effective, if I was ever in a situation where I would need to use self defense, I would feel a lot more relaxed and confident. Would 100% recommend to anyone interested in martial arts. 

Fionn Molloy

I have been training with grant for about 2 years now and I am so glad to have found him. He has taught me many skills and styles that i will carry for the rest of my life. He has a deep understanding of the arts and has helped me grow into the person I am today. I would recommend Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu to anyone that wishes to gain an understanding of martial arts to better improve their lifestyle and learn self defence.

Kip Kear

It's great fun, welcoming and a comfortable space to learn, practice or train in. Lots of different options to explore as well from serious martial applications through to movement/exercises that are simply beneficial to health and well being.

Tom Andrew

I cannot express the amount of growth I have experience since training under Grant at Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu. Grant has more knowledge then any other teacher I have ever encountered. I could not recommend Grant enough for anyone who is looking at growing themselves physically but even more mentally. Seeing the changes within myself since training with Grant over 2 years gets me even more excited to see myself in another 2 years. Do yourself a favour and check it all out!

Kellie Holland

I've tried several types of martial arts and have always felt uncoordinated and uncomfortable. My seven year old daughter and I been training with Grant for a couple of months now and we have both already improved so much and grown so much more confident in ourselves because Grant is such a fantastic teacher. I don't feel awkward or silly, he's taught us both to be strong, and know our strengths and embrace them.

He's so great with kids. My only regret is not putting my daughter in to class sooner. I feel that for girls, learning how to defend oneself is as important as swimming lessons these days unfortunately, so I'm glad my daughter enjoys coming to class so much. I couldn't recommend Grant any more.

Thomas Newell

Just started with grant a month ago and i am absolutely loving it, i have done all different styles of martial arts in my life and training with grant has made me realise what i was missing in other styles. I love the holistic approach he has, i feel its more than just fighting and physical fitness. He is helping my grow as a man in all areas of my life. highly recommended.

Roman Rybalnic

Training in Wu Xing Dao has increased my level of confidence on the street and in life in general. I have learned about the biomechanics of my body and how to manipulate my energy levels to get the best workout effect. I believe that the Martial Arts techniques Grant possesses will help anyone to strengthen their body and mind, and aid them in balancing all aspects of their life.

Elias Kapsis

A modern, no-nonsense approach to the internal arts taught by an honourable man with a tireless work ethic and razor sharp focus. They say a true master reveals his art in his every action, Grant is such a man.

Richard Smith

30 odd years of martial arts experience and searching, I have never seen anything come even close to this.

Jamie Mackey 

I've been training with Grant for just over a year now, and to say it's been beneficial would be an understatement.

The training is not just just for fighting skills. The things he teaches in class can be applied to real life. I feel amazing after every session and generally feel a lot healthier in my day to day life.