So what makes Inner Energy Fitness different from other group training classes?

Small Group Classes: Unlike many other facilities that focus on large membership numbers and profit over providing a supportive training environment, Inner Energy Fitness believes that reputation is more important than money. We would prefer to limit our class sizes, and ensure every client receives the maximum possible face time, to ensure they are performing exercises safely and correctly in each session.

Functional Fitness: We do not have any state of the art machines or a million dollar facility, however we also know that none of that is necessary for someone to reach a high level of fitness. In fact, we believe that many machines can increase the risk of injury, as they 'lock' an individual into a plane of motion that may not be suited to their unique body type. We prefer to focus on full body exercises that engage all of the bodies muscle groups, including stabiliser muscles, to increase core stability.   


Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Classes: MMA is without question one the most physically demanding sports in history. To be a complete MMA fighter requires speed, agility, power, flexibility, focus and even more importantly, extreme cardiovascular conditioning, in order to be able to cope with the rigourous demands of the training. Although It is true that most people have no interest in competing in a cage, there is no denying that many would love to have a level of fitness and physique that is representative of the sport which has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Our Strike MMA class utilises high intensity exercise in a non-combat environment, to get you fitter than you've ever been 

Proven Self Defence Techniques: Many Personal Trainers do teach 'Body Combat' and/or 'Punch Fit' classes, which are fitness based workouts that utilise some of the elements of martial arts or boxing training, however it's important to note that many of these trainers also have no real background or qualifications in either martial arts or self defence. We differ in that respect, as all of our instructors have many years experience in combat training and competition, therefore you are always assured you are learning techniques that are practical in real life situations.