The Internal Power Generation of Mian Quan is famous throughout China, however is seldom seen in Western countries. This is in part due to the fact that the secrets of the system are always very closely guarded, and Masters of this style were previously forbidden to teach to foreigners. As such, it has not had the main stream exposure of other Kung Fu styles which have spread throughout the world. The fundamental method of Mian Quan is to develop an explosive internal power through a set of foundation exercises. The knowledge is quite profound, and can allow someone even with no previous martial arts experience to develop very quickly

Another aspect of Mian Quan is that it includes a comprehensive body conditioning program, which will allow a practitioner to develop a resiliant physique, capable of absorbing incredible impact. This skill is useful in ensuring minimal risk of inury from fists, feet or blunt weapons, and is a transferrable skill to various full contact sports such as Rugby League, Boxing or Mixed Martial Arts, where there is a high chance of injury from the physical nature of full contact. An exponent of Steel Body can use their entire body to damage an opponent, not just fists, feet and elbows. Steel Hand conditioning is also a part of Mian Quan training.

Mian Quan Free Movement

Mian Quan - 'Continuous Fist'   

Mian Quan is a northern Chinese martial arts style which most likely originated in the province of Hebei. It is the core style that makes up our system of Wu Xing Dao. The theory for this deadly method of internal martial arts is that when implementing your fighting strategy, defence becomes offense and softness turns to hardness, with a continuous free flowing movement and devastating power generation that can instantly incapacitate and opponent.

The Mian Quan practitioner's attacks are explosive, unpredictable and come from an array of angles, which make this style extremely effective in attack and very difficult to defend. It is possible to reach a high level of proficiency in Mian Quan in a short period of time, making it an ideal system for practical self-defence. 

The basic principle for power generation in Mian Quan is the use of the spine to create a spiral of torque energy, that can then be directed out to the rest of the body like a wave. Mian Quan is an extremely close range style that relies on use of the elbow, shoulder and hip as much as the fist or foot. The key to Mian Quan's fighting strategy is the ability to close the gap fast, and put an opponent on the defensive immediately. Footwork is extremely important in this system.

Body Conditioning Training

Once the foundation exercises are mastered and a student begins to hear and feel internal power, they are ready to apply this skill in free movement training. Unlike most traditional martial arts styles, Mian Quan does not teach any 'forms' or pre-coreographed set routines, instead encouraging a practitioner to develop their own dynamic free flowing movement, allowing them to adapt a unique style to suit their own individual body type. This will provide students with an ability to grow autonomously, and achieve a level of self mastery and internal awareness not possible with arts that have a 'rigid' learning format. An exciting method of training.  


Mian Quan Internal Power