Little Dragons - Children aged 5 - 12 years: Our Little Dragons program combines basic martial techniques and fitness training with games and activities, designed to improve your childs confidence, balance and agility. The emphasis is placed on teaching your child the importance of cooperation and team work with others, which will assist as much with their mental development and social skills as their physical attributes. There is a grading program that will encourage your child to set and achieve goals, and provide them a sense of accomplishment as they progress within the system.


Wu Xing Dao Kung Fu - Ages 13 and Up: Wu Xing Dao is our martial arts training program for ages 12 and up who are interested in learning authentic Chinese internal kung fu and realistic self defence. Students will learn a variety of hand to hand techniques and martial arts weapons, in a safe, well supervised environment. Our school specialises in a small group and personal training atmosphere providing the ideal learning environment. As class sizes are limited it provides our students the opportunity to progress quickly, receiving regular feedback and correction to ensure they can achieve their desired level of fitness and skill. Grading is available, from beginners through to advanced levels of the system. 


STRIKE MMA: A Mixed Martial Arts program that is focused on all aspects of the sport, with programs similar to many professional athletes that actively compete in organisations like the UFC. This fitness class will teach you some great combat techniques as well as get your heart pumping, and assist you to build muscle, burn fat, and get a great whole body workout. The class is suitable for men and women, and will help you to build self confidence and learn realistic self defence whilst also assisting you in achieving your fitness goals. This is not a 'Body Combat' or 'Punch Fit' class, taught by personal trainers with no real martial arts or combat skill, this program is run by a trainer with over 15 years of experience in martial arts and competition. STRIKE MMA is guaranteed to challenge you no matter your fitness level


TAIJI & QIGONG: Our Taiji and Qigong classes focus on the health and wellness aspects of martial arts. The program is designed for those who have an interest in improving their flexibility, coordination, balance and circulation, through a set of exercises that are both varied and fun, including solo and partner training activities. Taiji and Qigong can greatly improve overall fitness, and instil a sense of confidence and wellbeing, which over time will noticeably assist with even the simplest of day to day activites, such as walking, sitting and standing for prolonged periods. A profound effect also gained by many of our students, is a noticable improvement in mental focus and acuity, including an enhanced ability  to concentrate for long periods of time. You will learn Mei and Chen style Taiji forms, Taiji Pushing Hands, Taiji Qigong, Taiji Dao (sword), stationary and moving meditation techniques, as well as practical self defence applications of Taiji.


PERSONAL TRAINING: Whether you want to improve your functional fitness, strength, speed, stamina, or agility, lose weight, increase muscle tone, or understand the deeper aspects of human movement, our Personal Training Sessions can be tailored specifically to your goals. A Master Trainer with many years of teaching and training experience, Grant will work with you to develop a program that is both challenging and fun, and drive you to achieve your fitness goals.  

Wu Xing Dao Timetable